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Our team at Sylvan S. Stern, DDS is excited to help you take the first step in replacing missing teeth! Depending on your needs, we may recommend dentures because these strong dental appliances can replace most or all of your teeth and gums. Dr. Sylvan Stern and our team offer the following six benefits of dentures to help you determine if they are right for you:

— Dentures are one of the few restorative treatments that can replace all sorts of missing teeth, regardless of whether they were lost to gum disease, tooth decay, or dental injury. They replace the gums and teeth to provide you with a full smile.

— By replacing your teeth with a synthetic but beautiful smile, you can boost your self-confidence.

— By restoring your teeth, dentures improve your mouth’s function and enhance your ability to speak and chew properly.

— Dentures also provide support to your facial features, preventing side effects of missing teeth such as sagging cheeks.

— Denture placement is considered to be a conservative dental treatment.

— You can easily remove your traditional dentures when it’s time to clean them and your smile, or if you do not wish to wear them at the moment.

Dentures are optimal tooth replacement options because they can replace all or most of your missing teeth. To speak with our dentist at Sylvan S. Stern, DDS about receiving dentures in Southfield, Michigan, please feel free to give us a call at 248-559-0995 today.