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Your oral health care is extremely important for the survival of your teeth and gums. Your teeth are extremely important for many activities in your life, and they can easily be damaged in an instant. In addition, numerous risks and dental hazards exist in the world that can destroy your smile in seconds. For this reason, preparing for tooth hazards is always a good idea to minimize the risk of oral accidents and injuries.

To help keep your smile safe, it is important to always exercise caution with any forms of tongue piercings. Tongue piercings are dangerous because they can easily destroy your smile in an instant. Beyond the risk of nerve damage when they’re in place, tongue piercings can also lead to burst blood vessels, frequent bleeding, infectious diseases, oral inflammation, and can even chip and crack nearby teeth.

In order to ensure dental damage cannot destroy your smile, always look for oral appliances that can help add an additional layer protection to your teeth and gums. one highly effective treatment option to consider is mouth guards. Mouth guards Protect Your Smile by placing a hardened material over your teeth that can prevent tooth chipping and tooth loss.

To avoid risks associated with trying to bite through products, it’s always a good idea to avoid biting into products that can easily chip and crack teeth. This includes popcorn kernels, chewing on ice, candy apples, or other hard candies. If you’re not careful, these products can easily chip and crack teeth, or even knock teeth completely out. Thus, always avoid trying to bite through any overly hard products.

When you are ready to take the plunge into your quest for a superb smile thanks to tooth hazard treatments, come speak with Sylvan S. Stern, DDS to learn which treatment is right for you. To schedule an oral exam with Dr. Sylvan Stern and our team at our dentist office in Southfield, Michigan, simply give us a call at 248-559-0995.