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Sylvan S. Stern, DDS

Dentist located in Southfield, MI

Crooked teeth aren’t merely a cosmetic issue. They can cause bite issues and uneven tooth wear, along with potential confidence issues when you don’t trust your smile. Sylvan S. Stern, DDS, of Southfield, Michigan uses the Invisalign® system to straighten crooked teeth into a functional, attractive smile. There’s no more need for permanent braces. Call the office, or request an appointment online to learn more about Invisalign.

Invisalign/Orthodontics Q & A

What is Invisalign?

Made from a special thermoplastic material, Invisalign dental aligners seem, at first glance, more like teeth whitening trays than braces. The aligners fit directly over your teeth and are meant to be worn all the time, except when you’re eating or brushing your teeth. The Invisalign system works through a series of aligner mouthpieces, starting with your crooked teeth and progressing to your desired alignment.

Dr. Stern uses examinations, measurements, and dental molds to assess your existing tooth alignment and to develop a progressive plan to create your end result. From this plan, Dr. Stern has a series of Invisalign aligners made for you. You’ll wear each in sequence until your optimum result is achieved.

How do Invisalign aligners move my teeth?

The thermoplastic construction of the Invisalign aligners is rigid, and the pressure each piece exerts on your teeth causes movement. Bone in your jaw gives way on the side of tooth travel and fills in behind each tooth. Each aligner in the series nudges your teeth toward their final location. Not all teeth may be moved at every aligner stage. Some may need to be in position before other teeth are free to progress.

Each aligner takes about two weeks to move your teeth through each stage, provided the aligner is worn between 20 and 22 hours daily. Wearing an Invisalign appliance less than that may prolong the movement process.

This is the same way braces work, although those use bands as anchors for wires and elastics that exert pressure on your teeth and these require periodic adjustment. With Invisalign, you simply change to the next aligner in the sequence.

What other advantages does the Invisalign system offer?

Conventional braces often require diet modification and special attention to oral hygiene due to the permanent presence of bands and wires during treatment. With the Invisalign system, your current aligner simply pops out when it’s time to eat. There’s no need to cut corn off the cob or to slice apples prior to eating. Once you’ve brushed and flossed, simply put your aligner back in place and treatment continues.

As the Invisalign name suggests, the aligners are virtually invisible while you’re wearing them. With no need for periodic adjustment, you’ll spend less time in Dr. Stern’s office. Simply move to the next aligner stage when it’s time.