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Jaw pain is common, but it shouldn’t be ignored. For a better understanding of jaw pain fundamentals, read below:

– Some facial and jaw pain treatments include medication, pain relievers, a mouth guard, psychotherapy, and physical therapy. On rare occasions, surgery, extractions or root canals may be necessary.

– Potential sources of facial and jaw pain include a toothache, infection, oral injury, and various oral health ailments such as gum disease, a TMJ disorder, or bruxism.

– Jaw and facial pain can be accompanied by tenderness, headaches, and irregular pain felt in or around the ear.

– If you become aware of any of the symptoms of the jaw or facial pain, please visit your dentist for a detailed exam of your oral health. This may also include X-Rays to help ascertain the source of your ailment.

– Jaw pain can hinder your abilities to chew, speak, and bite properly, so it’s important to address it soon.

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