A tooth extraction may be suggested by Dr. Sylvan Stern if a tooth has become damaged beyond repair and is threatening the rest of your smile. A tooth extraction is the complete removal of a tooth from the bone socket. Tooth extractions are often necessary to prevent infection and decay from spreading. At our dental office, we show great concern and care for your smile. We understand the reaching effects of losing a tooth. That is why we strive to provide gentle tooth extractions and multiple restorative options to replace the missing tooth.

Another common type of tooth extraction in Southfield,Michigan is the removal of your third molars, often referred to as wisdom teeth. Located at the very back of your mouth, wisdom teeth are the last teeth in your smile to grow in, often erupting from the gumline in your late teens and early adulthood years. By this point, there is often not enough room for wisdom teeth to grow properly, leading them to become impacted. Impaction means the wisdom teeth grow in sideways and partially above the gums. Infection generally occurs when wisdom teeth are impacted. Removing the wisdom teeth prevents infection and overcrowding.

No matter the reason, our caring dentist and dental team works hard to ensure you are comfortable during any tooth extraction at our office. To learn more, please contact us.