Root canal treatment is our premier service to repair cavities. We all know that cavities hurt! What causes this pain? As tooth decay spreads inside the tooth, it gets closer to the soft core of the tooth, called the pulp. Once it reaches that area, it starts to hurt and often becomes infected. If left untreated, the tooth can die and will then require removal. A root canal in Southfield, Michigan utilizes a special filling that replaces the soft core of the tooth all the way to the root tip in order to save your tooth and your smile.

We offer high-quality root canal treatment with great care and skill. During root canal treatment, Dr. Sylvan Stern, our experienced dentist, will:

  • Remove all tooth decay and infected dental pulp
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the tooth
  • Fill the inside of the tooth with a special rubber-like material
  • Seal the surface of the tooth with a filling or crown
  • Polish and shape the tooth for a perfect bite and fit

Root canal treatment can be completed in just one visit to our office. If you are experiencing tooth pain and think you may have a cavity that needs to be looked at, we invite you to call our office today. The earlier we are able to catch tooth decay, the more advantages we have for treatment.