Are you looking for an affordable way to replace missing teeth while still maintaining an attractive smile? Then we offer dentures for your consideration. Dentures are a custom-made dental appliance consisting of natural-looking prosthetic teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored base. This base fits comfortably over your gums to restore your lost smile. There are two types of dentures, partial dentures and full dentures. Partial dentures are used when there are still some natural teeth remaining in your smile. They are often supported and anchored by metal framework. Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, replace all of the teeth in your upper arch, lower arch, or both. Thanks to the skill and expertise of Dr. Sylvan Stern, our friendly dentist, we will be able to determine what type of denture works best for your smile.

There are many advantages to dentures. Dentures in Southfield, Michigan are fully functional and are custom made according to your individual needs. Dentures improve your overall oral health and restore the natural aesthetic of your smile. They are also cost-effective and removable. At our on-site dental laboratory, we are able to produce your custom dentures in a fraction of the time and with a high guarantee of success. To see if dentures are the best way to restore your smile, we invite you to schedule an appointment and come visit our office today.