The philosophy at our dental office is that good oral health is a key component to living a better life. To help achieve this, we provide comprehensive general dentistry in Southfield, Michigan. The branch of dentistry that concentrates on maintaining and improving the overall health of your smile, general dentistry includes educational tools to help you care for your smile at home, preventive measures to stop tooth decay in its tracks, and restorative treatments to repair a damaged smile. Dr. Sylvan Stern, our skilled dentist, provides these treatments with great care and skill.

To ensure your smile stays strong, we suggest coming to our office for a check-up once every six months. During this time, we will perform a thorough examination to ensure we diagnose any damaging conditions early on for quick, effective treatment. We will also clean your teeth for a healthy shine. We encourage you to schedule your next appointment today if over six months has passed since your last visit to the dentist, or if you are experiencing:

• Tooth pain or toothaches
• Bleeding gums
• Loose teeth
• Missing teeth
• Broken or chipped teeth
• Swollen jaw

We understand the effect and impact a healthy, happy smile can have. For more information about general dentistry and to schedule your visit with Dr. Sylvan Stern, contact our dental office today.