Our on-site dental laboratory in Southfield, Michigan affords us the ability to control the creation and fit of our molds. Our careful coordination with the lab provides high-quality dental restorations that not only look good on the dental model, but also look and feel good in your mouth. This is the case whether they are removable teeth, such as dentures, or cemented in place on natural teeth or dental implants, like dental crowns and bridges. Dr. Sylvan Stern works closely with the dental lab technicians to ensure that your restorations are only of the highest quality. Having an on-site dental laboratory also allows us to provide you with your custom-made dental restorations in less time, so you can achieve a healthier, more functional smile sooner.

We are able to accurately measure, create, and adjust all dental appliances, such as crowns, bridges, and removable dentures in-house, ensuring optimal functionality and pleasing appearance. Crowns, bridges, and removable partials and dentures are expected to go into place in your smile with only slight adjustments. To learn more about the advantages of having an on-site dental lab, please contact Dr. Sylvan Stern, our talented dentist in Southfield, Michigan. We look forward to caring for your smile!