If chewing food isn’t comfortable, if you bite your tongue, cheek, or lip while eating or if you suffer from headaches – these could be signs that your bite alignment is off.

The muscles that move your jaw follow pathways that are directed by complex reflexes. Teeth should be positioned in alignment with these pathways. Otherwise, interferences with these motions could loosen or fracture the teeth. Also, the muscles and joints of your jaw can become painful, resulting in headaches. You could notice difficulty chewing crunchy food and meat, resulting in indigestion.

A simple diagnostic tool can help determine the cause of bite problems and facial pain. First, we use a muscle relaxation appliance. After the muscles are relaxed, we determine the correct tooth positions by following the path of jaw movement. For accurate bite alignment, we use a Tekscan-x digital occlusal sensor. This provides us with information that we use to determine the final precise functional shape and position of your teeth and the jaw postural position in relation to your head and neck. Additionally, we precisely identify the bite interference and measure and record the timing and strength of tooth contacts during jaw movements. Correcting and preventing bite problems achieves optimum stability and comfort of teeth and jaw … and overall comfort. After just a few treatments for bite alignment in Southfield, Michigan, our patients feel dramatically better.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms and would like to enjoy chewing without discomfort, call our dental office today. Dr. Sylvan Stern, our expert dentist, will provide you with a consultation and help you decide the best course of action.

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