Facial and Jaw Pain Fundamentals

Jaw pain is common, but it shouldn’t be ignored. For a better understanding of jaw pain fundamentals, read below: – Some facial and jaw pain treatments include medication, pain relievers, a mouth guard, psychotherapy, and physical therapy. On rare occasions, surgery, extractions or root canals may be necessary. – Potential sources of facial and jaw… Read more »

The Dental Filling Basics

Dr. may recommend a dental filling in , , to restore the health of your tooth if you have a cavity. What is a dental filling? A dental filling is a material that is used to restore a tooth that is damaged by decay back to its regular shape and function. The dental filling material… Read more »

Autumn Smile Basics: Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Have you ever heard of Invisalign? Invisalign orthodontic aligners are amazing teeth straightening treatments designed to improve your smile without all the negatives that often come with traditional orthodontic braces. Although you may be afraid of getting a set of aligners at an advanced age, Invisalign is great for all ages as they are nearly… Read more »

Oral Health Treatments: Dental Bridges

Are you missing any teeth? If so, it is imperative to have them replaced as soon as possible. If left untreated, missing or lost teeth can lead to severe oral ailments within your smile. The gap that exists due to a missing tooth can become a haven for bacteria and plaque buildup. If you are… Read more »

Beverages to Avoid for a Bright, Healthy Smile

It is always good to be aware of the foods that you eat, but we often miss a common culprit for cavities: the beverages we drink! Here are some beverages to avoid for healthy teeth. Citrus-water may seem innocuous, but the extended exposure to acids can cause a lot of problems with your teeth. Drink… Read more »

What You Didn’t Know About Teeth Whitening

Are you always dreaming of achieving that Hollywood-style smile? We can help you do so through professional whitening services. Most professional whitening is completed through the use of dental bleach. Dental bleach contains compounds that extricate concentrated stains, so it’s good for brightening chompers. During our in-office whitening treatments, Dr. cautiously applies a prescription-strength bleach… Read more »

A Dental Filling Might Be Able to Repair a Small Dental Fracture

If you have a bad habit of nibbling on desktop items, improvising your teeth as tools, or your grind your teeth when sleeping, you might suffer a chipped tooth. When this happens, the compromised area of tooth enamel might not initially cause you discomfort or distress. However, this doesn’t mean you should forgo professional dental… Read more »

What Do You Know about Bruxism?

Have you taken steps to examine your mouth for bruxism? Bruxism is the result of teeth grinding and gnawing against each other while you sleep. Bruxism is often present when you are stressed or have anxiety, and occurs on an unconscious level. Usually, bruxism goes unnoticed because it is so hard to spot when it… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Smile

If you are looking for ways to keep your smile healthy, then you have come to the right place. Our professional dental team here at in , , takes pride in the quality of our care,and we’re happy to give you some information about what you can do to keep your mouth happy. Here are… Read more »

The Importance of Healthy Temporomandibular Joints

Is your mouth getting the care it needs to thrive? The joints in your jaw, the temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs, are essential for proper mouth function. Follow these tips to check if you are suffering from a TMJ disorder: – To help protect your jaw, avoid all bad habits for your jaw, such… Read more »