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No doubt, you are already familiar with the basics of brushing your teeth and the overall process seems fairly straightforward and simple. Many patients assume the proper way to brush is to apply toothpaste to brush head, insert it in their mouths, and sweep it across all of their teeth. While this is the bare basics, effective brushing requires a few extra steps to achieve optimal results. You can better protect your smile from tooth decay and erosion of the tooth enamel by discovering the most effective way to brush your teeth. To assist you in improving your dental health, our team offers the following toothbrushing tips for effective dental care habits:

– Align the toothbrush head at a 45-degree angle against your gum line and use small circular motions to remove food remnants from the teeth and gums. It’s important to remove the particles stuck to your smile surfaces so that they can’t produce cavity-causing bacteria and acids.

– Starting with one side, brush the front and back of your teeth, as well as the chewing surfaces and complete one side at a time before moving on so that no area of a tooth is missed.

– Finishing with a good scrubbing of your tongue to remove any lingering food particles or oral residue and to freshen your breath.

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